Welcome to the online Stakeholder Forum in support of the California Mental Health Services Authority’s (CalMHSA’s) education and outreach campaign.

Thank you for joining us. We appreciate your willingness to help inform the development of the California Mental Health Services Authority’s (CalMHSA’s) PEI campaign with your unique point of view. We created this online Stakeholder Forum to facilitate input, information sharing, and dialogue about the campaign on a centralized platform. Here, you can provide your feedback on the overall campaign and county-level implementation, share ideas and resources, respond to specific queries and polls, and provide feedback on campaign materials as they are developed.

The Forum is broken up into content groups, and you’ll be able to access the ones that apply to you based on your role and expertise.  In each group, members can create forum posts, answer polls from CalMHSA on campaign materials, and communicate with other counties. You’ll get pings when there’s something in the Forum for your review. But also feel free to check back in whenever you like to see how things are progressing.

Participation in the forum is voluntary, and we gratefully welcome any contributions you are willing and able to offer.

Some Important Background

For the last decade, the California Counties and CalMHSA have been working together to address mental health challenges and improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Californians. We have pooled our resources to invest in a statewide education and outreach campaign. Since 2011, this campaign has raised awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental illness and suicide, connected individuals to the treatment and support they deserve, and helped break down the cycles of stigma, discrimination, and disparities across our systems.

Then came 2020: a global pandemic, political unrest, an economic recession, and a national reckoning on race that tested us all—and continues to test us. We want to be proactive in helping Californians navigate our changed world. To do this, we decided we needed to understand how to best serve Californians in this new landscape and to refresh the PEI campaign accordingly.  

This campaign will be strengthened and enriched by the insights and perspectives of subject-matter experts and stakeholders, such as yourself. Our goal is to make it the best and most impactful campaign it can possibly be, informed by our collective knowledge, expertise, and lived experience.

It is important to us to create messaging and materials that specifically connect with diverse audiences. As part of this campaign refresh, we will develop new campaign materials that individual counties can build on and customize for their specific populations’ needs.  

A Brief Orientation

Look to the left and you’ll see the six main sections of this site. Here’s what you’ll find in each one:

  • Home: This is where we are now. Click here to navigate back to this page at any time.
  • My Forums: This is where we’ll be spending most of our time. We’ll use the Forums to communicate and interact with one another on various topics and items related to the statewide PEI campaign refresh. 
  • Resource (Docs): Here you can access materials for the entire forum or for your specific content group.
  • Calendar: This page has upcoming campaign-related events and meetings.
  • Settings: This is where you can edit your profile and login information.
  • Need Help?: If your running into problems or need help this is where you can come to get in contact with someone who can provide assistance.

Next Steps

Head over to My Forums. Create a post with a question or topic for discussion. Or respond to another member’s post with your input. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll get pings when there’s something in the Forum for your review. But also feel free to bookmark this page and check back in whenever you like to see how things are progressing.

If you encounter any issues, please click on the Need Help tab. Thank you in advance for your contributions to the PEI Stakeholder Forum!